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    At Gameforge there’s nothing we love more than games – and now our latest passion has landed: Dropzone!
    This game is the perfect blend of adrenaline and strategy, of MOBA and RTS, of cerebral tactics and blistering action… and it’s available on Steam right now!
    Head over to Steam today and check it out for yourself!

    Watch the trailer:

    Your Exclusive Gift

    As a Gameforge player, we have a special welcome gift for you: a coupon for a Vision Tower Customization available directly in the game. Simply enter the code ‘GameforgeEarlyAccess’ via the in-game shop to receive it!

    Dropzone Now Live on Twitch

    Today, 15th February, our big Dropzone Twitch Marathon starts to celebrate the launch. Click here to check out the fun or join in yourself!
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    the HQ has sent us new mission directives. The complete list can be found below:

    1 Valentine Mission

    Further details:

    • Complete Daily: Valentine weapon Challenge
    • Time-frame: 14.02.2017 - 19.02.2017

    1.1 DAILY: Valentine weapon kills!
    Further details:
    • Mode: Team Deathmatch
    • 5 vs. 5 or more players
    • Objective: 30 Kills
    • Time-frame: 14.02.2017 - 19.02.2017

    2 Armory Mission

    Further details:
    • Time-frame: 14.02.2017 -19.02.2017
    • Objective: Complete 5 times

    2.1.Daily: Armory Challenge
    Further details: Complete 5 times daily
    • Objective: 5 Wins
    • Requirement: 5 vs. 5 or more players
    • Mode: Blasting: Armory
    • Time-frame: 14.02.2017 - 19.02.2017

    3.DAILY: M4A1 Tactical kills!
    Further details:
    • Objective: 30 Kills
    • 5 vs. 5 or more players
    • Mode: Team Death match
    • Time-frame: 20.02.2017 - 26.02.2017
    • Weapon: M4A1 Tactical


    S.K.I.L.L. - Special Force 2 Team

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    Thank you
  • JALAD -

    Posted the thread Problem with game starting ...

    hi all, so my problem is few weeks ago i started gittng game freez while im playing, but 2 days ago i was playing the game and suddnly the game crushed and then when i try to start the game again the whole system stops working i cant do anything, i have…
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    Hocam hayırlı olsun İnşallah hep beraber Hacklerin çaresinden geleceğiz
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    Ciao, vorrei capire se i passi che hai fatto sono tuti quelli che servono per cambiare le impostazioni. Devi iniziare con un clink in alto a sinistra dove leggi il tuo nick (ALKINESIO), ti appare una tendina che presumo leggerai in tedesco. Cerca sotto…
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    Replied to the thread Hesabıma Giriş sağlayamıyorum.

    Quote from Code-♠-RebellioN: “Olm ben sana söyleyeyim banlanmışsın sen. Başka bir açıklaması yok bunun. 5 gündür tickete cevap verilmezmi ya. İlginç. Sonuçta önemli bir konu. Bu oyunda hesabınız banlandı demiyor zaten. Ben daha önce…
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    Yeni gelen çalışır, ben yatarım. :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: