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    Attention Soldiers!

    On 07.11.2018 (Tomorrow) we will perform our regular maintenance.
    Web services and servers will be not reachable starting from 10:00 CEST [04:00 EST].
    You will not be able to connect and play during the maintenance. The estimated downtime for this maintenance is about 2 hours 00 minutes.
    When the servers are back online, we will let you know.

    Best regards,
    Your S.K.I.L.L. Team

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What the hell is going on?


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Action of the game ?



Ludzie z 0.8 kd i zerowym pojęciem o grze są GM'ami i GA'mi?



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  • Chipmunk -

    Posted the thread What the hell is going on?.

    Dear Gameforge, After I left the team, all I noticed was slacking GM's and GA's not being active or do their respective jobs. Since 3 months from writing this letter, I have seen numerous cheaters just raging and crashing lobby's for 10 hours straight…
  • artorias -

    Liked Salix’s post in the thread So long....

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    Heyho Soldiers, today it is time for me to say goodbye. I will leave Gameforge for a new job which of course also means that my work on Skill will end. I'm glad to be able to hand over the reigns in the capable hands of @MissEarp , but I'm also really…