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    Attention Soldiers!

    On 17.09.2018 (Tomorrow) we will perform our regular maintenance.
    Web services and servers will be not reachable starting from 10:00 CEST [04:00 EST].
    You will not be able to connect and play during the maintenance. The estimated downtime for this maintenance is about 3 hours 00 minutes.
    When the servers are back online, we will let you know.

    Best regards,
    Your S.K.I.L.L. Team

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Just Some Ideas !



Manutenzione 17/10/2018


Przerwa techniczna 17/10/2018


Pinned Maintenance / Mise à jour



[Ausstehend] Serverwartung 17.10.2018


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  • Finet -

    Replied to the thread Just Some Ideas !.

    Hello there, I'll try to answer to all suggestions made on this thread. 1. Capsules and weapons: Some come back after some time, like happened with SG Iron Gun, HK417 Jabberwock, ACR Haunted.... But not all can come back, because if they are always…
  • Ryiuken -

    Posted the thread Manutenzione 17/10/2018.

    announcement_skillsf2_ww_b099d97ac9aa12318d38c7181c653711.jpg Attenzione soldati, Domani, 17/10/2018 sarà effettuata la nostra regolare manutenzione. I servizi web e i server non saranno raggiungibili a partire dalle ore 10:00 CEST [04:00 EDT]. Non…