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      Hey there SKILL players,i tried today to enter the game with my regular account (the CBT one)
      So here's my question,when i try to log in,it says "Could not log in,authorisation failed" or something like that,am i doing something wrong or do i have to create a new account? ;(
      Edit: If this thread is not in its area,move it.Thanks

    • Hey guys,

      If you are able to log into the website you should also be able to log into the game. Here are some tips that might help you:

      1. Please make sure you are using the same email address and password that you use to login to the website, not the forum.
        Test your login here.
      2. If you CAN login try changing your password anyway. It is possible you are simply mistyping it in the client due to some technical issue (e.g. due to keyboard settings as mentioned below).
      3. Please make sure your keyboard is set to the correct language. If you have two keyboard languages (e.g. for me it is English and German) make sure the SKILL client is using the same language as your browser. More info.