Will NASF2 game be less fragmented?

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    • Will NASF2 game be less fragmented?

      I was watching tons of EUSF2 ESL videos yesterday, and I noticed the fragments and weirdly structured annotations and it bothered me a lot.

      Will this be fixed as it transfers to the NASF2? I mean doesn't it make sense to use proper English if the game is released into a country that speaks English?

      ***to devs***
      If skipping over this problem means faster release date, I have no problem; dealing with a small eyesore will not water down my hype for this game.
    • I can't say whether this will be fixed at all or not, but since the GM said that the NA server will run the EU version, I doubt so.
      Anywho, the NA server should be online by the end of today, so I guess thats a plus.
      With kind regards,

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