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      Hello, I'm greatful for your decision, gameforge, just wanted to let you know :).

      I do have questions, though, questions that need answers

      1. NA players are not allowed to play in the Europe servers, are EU players able to play on the NA server?

      2. Since this is a 'new release' of NASF2 (teeeechnically), is there any early bird special you guys have in mind?

      3. I am thrilled to see that the game is up and running, however the fps seems jittery at times; is that because my computer is bad or is that a known problem?

      4. Is there application for in-game mod positions or the NASF2 site mod positions?

      5. The server was said to be located in the East coast, but exactly which state?

      6. I know this might be just hard and worthless, but can you implement a [Full screen windowed] setting instead of just full screen and windowed?

      7. Again, I'm asking this because you guys are GF not Aeria, can a FOV slider be implemented?

      8. Finally, on a scale of 1 to 'I saved SF2' ; how awesome are you?

      Thank you guys for try your hardest to revive the game.

      Best regards,

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    • Since the GF staff seems to be busy, I'm gonna try my best to answer most of your questions.

      1. As an EU player, I can play on the NA version. I do not know whether thats a glitch or not, I guess only time will tell
      3. It's smooth for me, mind sharing your PC specs?
      6. Since the settings sections hasn't been touched since the game release (except for the shadows) I highly doubt that
      7. Again, I doubt it. Though you can kinda change your FOV by changing the aspect ratio. 21:9 gives you the smallest possible FOV, whilest 1:1 (1024x1023) gives you the largest. You may find those resolution in the ETC section, after you set those up in either the NVIDA control panel or the AMD aquivilent.
      8. I was suprised too, that they did this. Definitely a huge step in the right direction!!
      With kind regards,

      IGNs: 'Zelda♥, Wyoming' , 'Link♠ and TheHaitian