Game stuttering/mouse movement lag

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  • Game stuttering/mouse movement lag

    Ok, when playing the game from when i start it to when i close it, the game is micro stuttering IE: when i drag my mouse left or right it stops and starts, when i face players the game stops for a micro second and by the time i start moving again im already dead, now the mouse lagging is also in the lobby and when the game has just started........
    MOTHERBOARD: Asus Sabertooth 990FX Rev 2.0
    CPU: Amd FX8350 4.7Ghz O.C. (stock 4.Ghz)
    CPU Cooler: Corsair H80 liquid cooler.
    GPU 1: Gigabyte R9 270 core clock 1050Mhz memory clock 1500Mhz
    GPU 2 Sapphire R9 270x core clock 1050Mhz memory clock 1500Mhz
    MEMORY: 16gb ddr3 1600mhz Corsair Vengeance Pro series
    SSD: Kingston V300 120gb
    SSHD: Seagate 1tb Hybrid drive 2.5"
    PSU:Rosewill 850w capstone 80+ gold series
    MONITOR 1:BenQ G2222HDL 21.5" HD 1080p
    MONITOR 2: AOC E2270SWDN 21.5" HD 1080p
    MOUSE: Roccat Kone XTD 8200dpi
    KEYBOARD: Element Thorium 200
    CASE: Zalman Z9 Plus(blue neon) with extra fans(5 in total for case cooling)
    OS: Windows 10 enterprise 64bit.

    Now i can play any game with no issue at all, not even a micro lag in any game with the mouse or game itself.
    Now the link above shows the game play and how it is blotchy knotchy and stuttering from left and right movements as well as up and down, basically you move the mouse and 1 second later it follows.
    I am running windows 10 64bit, the game is set to compatibility with windows 8(no option for later windows versions).

    Ok anyone have any idea how i can fix this, the game is running in 1080p 16:9(standard) max setings(all settings tried), i have also tried 720p and all other screen modes and the same result, all my drivers are fully upto date as is all DX9+ versions.

    Any help will be great thanks.