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    • [SF2/NA]Remove KILL/DEATH Ratio in ROOKIE FREE

      Alright so when you get to the level of Second sergeant with a KDR of 1.1 + , you get kicked out of the rookie channel. The result : You cannot go in any game since ALPHA / BRAVO channel are empty. You'll need a friend that host a game for you so you can suicide 100+ times depending on your KDR to eventually reach 1.1 - or you can buy a KDR reset just to be able to play the game again. Eventually , you'll play lots of game and you'll do good but you'll need to keep your KDR under 1.1 for the simple reason that you cannot play any game above that. By removing this , it'll allow people to perform better without risking of raising their KDR or having to suicide 100 times in TDM.

      THIS IS FOR NA VERSION *******

      Thanks -

      From a player that spent 3h to die 600 times just to play again.

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    • Upvote. Just got ranked up to 2 diamonds and I got kicked out of Rookie. Other channels are empty with no players. And i have 2.3kdr (that I worked hard to maintain), now I have to lower it to be able to play? WTF?

      I also spent money on this acc. So If i make a new acc to play, this is like wasted money.