Pro League 2k15 and the AllStars weapons

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    • Pro League 2k15 and the AllStars weapons

      Hi friends A lot of people certainly liked the collection of weapons "Pro League 2k15 and Allstars" that's why I had the idea of re-introducing these weapons to the "Orgelbox" however, without an additional reticle, I mean the ENHANCED edition. I think that many players would like this option Also after watching a few videos on youtube I noticed that in Thaiwan special force is, or was "Orgelbox" camo on guns I don't even think this orgelbox would not hurt a lot of players would be satisfied and Gameforge as for the profits also It's just a lot of skins on the weapons are there long enough, that I play skill more than 2 years... so not only I but other players would welcome this change, should be in the next update :thumbsup: ?(