2 weeks without replay (Support-Ticket Nr. 549820)

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    • 2 weeks without replay (Support-Ticket Nr. 549820)

      Dear Gameforge admins/staff.
      So 2 weeks ago I was trying to buy cash 249.99TL and while doing that at the last step I got an error, the money was withdrawn but I never recived the cash.
      So I sent a ticket " Ticket-ID: 16004201/ Support-Ticket Nr. 549820 "
      and since 2017-04-27 21:36:52 till this day you never answerd or replied at all.

      So I hope you take a look at it and solve this matter ASAP.
      Restoring the cash is the only answer I want now, I've waited for too long now.

      Best regards.

    • please contact the payment support as shown on the cash site. We -the gamesupport- are Not responsible and cannot help you in this case.
      Here you will get fast answers: billing.gameforge.com

      Also take a look in Your existing ticket header. There you can See on which Level Your ticket is.

      I Cannot See the reason why you didn't received an answer. However sorry for the delay