Cannot play while in-game, fixed camera position

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    • Cannot play while in-game, fixed camera position

      I have a problem in S.K.I.L.L when i'm playing a game, I can't control my character and the camera is stuck in whole different place except my character (first person camera). It happens sometimes after few games or even after few rounds in a game. you cannot really do much in this situation. you can only rotate your camera with your mouse, but you cannot move it anywhere (sounds like free-roam spectation but without 'free'). also when i join a game with this bug, i have zero latency and in Blasting mode the distance between your character and the bomb site is equal to 1000. it's really annoying and i have to always restart S.K.I.L.L in order to fix the bug, but it always comes back. even reinstalling the game didn't help and switching OS doesn't do anything, so it must be in the game.

      Do any of you have this problem ?