Changelog 22/08/2017

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    • Changelog 22/08/2017


      Is it too hot for you? We’ve got the ultimate way to chill. How about a round of Snowball Fight, Heavy Rain Snow or perhaps a round of Summer Valley? For those of you who just can’t decide, how about playing on the new Forest map? A little spooking can often cause a shiver, even in the hottest of temperatures.


      A new Seizure map is now available to be hosted exclusively by VIPs: Forest.

      NEW TO ALL: SUMMER VALLEY and Snowball Fights

      Summer Valley: play the summer version of the Heavy Rain map now.
      Snowball Fight: to help keep you cool, why not play a round of Heavy Rain Snow?


      Seize your chance: from today on the new orgelbox AK-103 Skull Supreme is available in the shop. For the first time you can get the legendary AK-103 Supreme as the main prize – in the exclusive and deadly Skull version. What's special: up till now Supreme weapons were available exclusively as a special prize with the highest rarity, never before in focus as the main prize.

      Are you a winner? Then get this capsule now!

      ORGELBOX: Waterblaster Box

      This box offers 2 Waterblasters at once, the FAMAS Waterblaster and the Cheytac Songkran. The FAMAS Waterblaster is perhaps this update's highlight, with its special effects and reload animation.

      Orgelbox: Black Mamba Beach

      The Black Mamba Beach is also beach ready and waiting for you.

      It’s back: ORGELBOX: P90 Squash and FR-F2 Sweetie

      2 old friends return for a short time exclusively in the summer shop

      Brand new: Fever Sales

      This update activates the Fever Sales. Play for LP and enjoy various discounts. Never heard of this sort of thing? It’s something to look forward to!

      Enjoy the new content and happy fragging! Dismissed.

      Best Regards,
      Your S.K.I.L.L. - Special Force 2 Team

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