Desperate times, Desperate measures

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  • Desperate times, Desperate measures

    I was just browsing the Forums and seems like a lot of ppl getting banned for no reason

    I am one of them.
    My clan Finish got all their keyplayers banned after a succesfull clan match win
    Everyone got banned after the same day

    No use contacting support. Not getting any answers.
    No one telling us what they are accusing us for..

    If this thing keeps going, the forums will get flooded from posts like this
    I can already see it´s happening

    a.k.a FinSauhusakke
  • I wonder when will the time come that there are no seriously good players in the game anymore because some corrupt admin is banning everyone who he loses to. I mean I've read so many threads about admins banning people without a reason and I always thought that those who were complaining are just stubborn hackers wanting to get unbanned.

    Sadly this is not true and we've now witnessed it happen again. Admin loses a match and straight away bans because he thinks that they were "hacking". There is no proof and both sides of the story know that very well and I hope the corrupt admins really feels proud of themselves. There are no videos or pictures of 3 of our players hacking and if there was, it would just prove that they are innocent.

    Isn't it just as bad to ban people permanently because they are LEGIT and better than you and because of that you may have a feeling you can actually win games and be better? In my opinion that is just as bad as hacking.

    If it is not the case that admin got furious over a loss, it says that admins are banning people without any evidence or the lack of knowledge and skill so they just think that the player is hacking.

    I hope SKILL Management keeps their eyes on the corrupted admins and take care of the legit player that got banned for no reason. This is what a real admin would do. I understand it might be a hard task to confront people doing the same work as you, but you know you are doing the right thing. Ask for the evidence. Review it. Review it with an ex-pro player and ask their opinion on it. Do the right thing and the job that admins really should do.

    And by the way if any admin gets furious about this and thinks banning me, I have recorded my gameplay for a long time and also have streamed it. Never have I used a third party program while playing SKILL. Just making this statement so that you know I have all the evidence that I am not hacking in case you get mad about this post and do some shady stuff that everyone knows you are doing from time to time.

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  • Hello,

    This is not the place to complain about any ban or to blame or complain about the team, if you are not agree with any decision or measure, you have the jerarchy of the team and the support system to make your complains, on board it is not allowed. Here you have the link: