Ideas 2017

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    • My ideas 2017

      1.Port on Unreal Engine 4
      2. Plugins, sdk, and ect.: Havok, Logitech Gaming LED SDK, XNA Tweener, SIMPLYGON, Balancer sdk, Apex Framework, Sixence core api, Vulkan api, Anticto, VIVOX, Wwise, NVIDIA Cuda Runtime, Serverside script support (LUA), FMOD STUDIO RUNTIME, JoystickPlugin (Runtime)
      3. NVIDIA Multi-Res Shading
      4. Support HDR
      5. Battle Royale mode
      6. Maps in night
      7. NVIDIA HairWorks, NVIDIA HairWorks AA
      8. DLC on steam: Starter Pack
      9. Better quality menu
      10. More graphics settings: ssao, film grain, chromatic aberration, lens effect, sharpen, depth of field

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