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    • Hello :) , i have problem, i had break ,my old computer is broken :D and i am on low laptop ... problem is when i join any server i usually(really rare if not) get stucked in camera that is looking on map(dont see any players) i mean i am spawned but its like im not in my body. ?( .. if it somehow spawn me normally i play 1 round and get stuck there after round finishes(freeze at ending, and when it unfreeze im stucked like i said before)
      last time i was playing normally for 5 rounds(record :lol: ) and it happened again really annoying... pc is wooden but its really interesting that its working sometimes and sometimes its not :pillepalle:
      i can screenshot it if it is needed to be understood

      Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N2830 @ 2.16GHz,2.2 GHz speed

      Video Card
      Intel(R) HD Graphics(64mb)

      4.0 GB

      Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 10 (build 14393), 64-bit