Not getting any sp/ exp during a vote- kick

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    • Not getting any sp/ exp during a vote- kick

      The topic pretty much explains itself. Not really sure if it was suggested earlier before, tried to search, didn't came up with anything. When a player is being kicked ingame during a vote a player looses exp and sp gained during a game. Nobody wanna be kicked during an ingame vote because sometimes I don't think it's fair. I'm playing this game for a while now and I think I'm just an average player here who sometimes make mistakes or just having a bad game and can't kill nobody. So I'm suggesting that if you get kicked you get same amount or if that's a big step - less amount. I'm getting kicked from time to time because of bad score because my team just votes for it, so i don't like wasting all the time in a game, and last round getting kicked therefore not getting a reward. It might have drawbacks and maybe somebody would try being kicked from unwinnable games so I wish you consider that just by slightly lowering the amount gained or leaving the same amount.
      I hope you'd consider my suggestion so I wish to see my suggestion in upcoming updates. P.S i hope you don't mind my bad english ;)

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    • I think thats fair.Just think of that as you play in a game where there is a hacker that has 40 kills and around 6k exp lets say,so when he gets kicked his kd goes up and he can still get his exp.It is really good that you don't get anything if you get kicked.Of course there are some turkish people that kick you from the game just because you don't understand turkish language,but still its fair to lose everything if you get kicked.
    • I've been kicked also due to i am just a Sergeant Major 3 level. i was playing good than those major and LC ranks on our team. 2 win to go and game would finish, suddenly on the 10th round i was left alone (def) and 2 on the enemy side. As i killed the other 1 and rushed to detonate the bomb i was kicked! also my teammates and some are calling me SM BOT , why? because im just a lowbie and had a good score? i wasnt even cheating. i feel so sorry for my lost experience that would help me rank to SM4.. disgusting attitudes.
    • Jules wrote:

      Yeah, this game is dead, only hackers are playing, cause no one cares, admins/GM let hackers play and ban only normal players, then some retard fckup menus, i suggest you to change game, we left this too.
      You know that GMs don‘t ban legit players instead of cheaters. Why should they? Gameforge doesn‘t earn money with supporting hackers and the ones developing them, so your statement is wrong and doesn‘t make sense...
    • The voting function was implemented for players to have the possibility to remove cheaters or players with inappropriate behaviour.
      Of course players also kick others for several different reasons: „ts info“, „i don‘t like you“, „you‘re better than me which means you gotta be hacking“ are only some of them.

      The game cannot find out whether the kicked player hacked or not, so the only possibility is to NOT grant sp and exp. Additionaly you‘re not getting kicked too often if you play legit, so it could be worse, couldn‘t it? ;)