Support not working either?

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  • Support not working either?


    I dont know where to turn anymore. Looks like the gameforge dosent care.
    Recently i downloaded the skill sf2 game, registered and played ONE day. Next day i couldnt log in with my password anymore. When trying to reset password - it tells me to pls enter Valid e-mail address (but the address is correct, the same registered the game and got activation mail to).
    I contacted support and told them my story. They asked me a punch of questions like:

    -Account name and level:
    - Date of registration of the account:
    -E-mail of registrationg
    -Have you purchased any cash

    and many more.

    Anyway. I answered them as soon as possible as i could.. And next answer from them i got was:

    @Edit by Albus: posting a ticket.

    I dont know which part of the information is incorrect or why is it incomplete. They just dont say anything. It makes me feel very angry, it looks like they just dont help me, dont care.
    I contacted them again by making a new ticket, telling them what happened in previous conversation and the new answer was ´´ do you really want this ticket to be marked as resolved?´´ They just wont help and wont give me any information of what is wrong. Looks like there is no other option then to uninstall and good bye - lucky i didnt pay for anything yet.

    Or is someone smart enough in here who can help me?

    Thank you for attention.
  • Hello,

    first and most important thing is: we do not talk about such cases on TS3, forum, etc. We are allowed to help you via support system only and you are not allowed to copy/paste ticket conversations/details anywhere.

    second: saying we do nothing and we do not help users is completly wrong. Please trust us and make sure you have provided correct info about your account.