Announcement Rekrutacja do zespołu S.K.I.L.L. Special Force 2

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    • Rekrutacja do zespołu S.K.I.L.L. Special Force 2

      MissEarp wrote:

      Watch out, Soldiers!

      Our team is searching for more support! Hell is loose on the battlefield and we need YOU to keep up.
      That’s why we are recruiting new Game Masters and Board Masters for several Communities, especially:

      • Russia
      • Turkey
      • England
      • France
      • Poland
      • Italy
      • Romania


      • minimum 18 years old
      • extensive knowledge of the game / experience with boards
      • enough time to support your team
      • Teamplayer is your middle name
      • you are good in communicating
      • you are reliable, responsibly and motivated about your tasks
      • your language and grammar skills are sufficient
      • you value a polite tone in contact with players

      >> If you are curious and you want to send us an application, please send them here: (tell us in the subject what position and Community you are applying for)

      Now you are thinking: “Well, but, what should I write?” To make it a little easier for you, please answer the following questions in detail:

      • Who are you? Please introduce yourself (Name, Age, Ingame Names & E-Mail Adress, Board Accounts)
      • What are you doing currently? (Job, School, University or something entirely different?)
      • How much spare time do you have during an average week?
      • How do you rate your game or board experience of skill?
      • Tell us which position you are actually applying for.

      • And last but not least: Why you? (Convince us in only a few sentences that only you are the right person for this position)

      Please send us one application in English (so we can see if you are able to communicate in English) and one application in your mother tongue of course.

      Good luck! We are looking forward to hearing from you and we will get back to you soon.

      Support System: link!
      Billing support: link!