End of S.K.I.L.L SF2?

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    • Mirec wrote:

      what is the truth that skill sf2 is approaching to the end is it really true?
      I do not believe...

      The team is striving to increase the number of staffers in the game so as to make everything without problems

      The game is evolving slowly but I'm sure DragonFly has some cards to play to get the title back in the top 5-10 of FPS FreeToPlay
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    • Salix wrote:

      Skill is far away from "approaching the end". We still have plenty of stuff we want to do and some promising changes are in the work as we speak.
      Yeah deffinetly away, i just want to be sure, can you somehow show how many players were in : 2014-15-16-17-18? how many people are leaving this game cause you're doing nothing to hold them there?
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      Worlej wrote:

      Salix wrote:

      L'abilità è lontana da "avvicinarsi alla fine". Abbiamo ancora molte cose che vogliamo fare e alcuni cambiamenti promettenti sono nel lavoro mentre parliamo.
      Sì, certo, voglio solo essere sicuro, puoi mostrare in qualche modo quanti giocatori erano in: 2014-15-16-17-18? quante persone stanno lasciando questo gioco perché non stai facendo nulla per tenerli lì?+ - 6 mesi senza go4, + -4 anni senza "antycheat"

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