Skill sf2 dead game ENDS, end of 2019, players drop by the 100's

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    • Skill sf2 dead game ENDS, end of 2019, players drop by the 100's

      Same cheaters since 2013 still on the game and actual players are leaving. now that they have autokill. and they won;t do anything to fix it. aimbot was bad enough but now autokill you start the match no one shoots you you just die. they do this by extracting the sdk and turning off anti-cheat then can move anything in the game not server sided. I started about 5am this morning through out the day counted how many players were online . by 11am my time witch use to be peak for most players now is right at 200+ players by 2am my time USA so you can calculate. it's 48+ players. warface maintain there player base by fixing cheating problem and they still have cheats but no aimbot or autokill cuz player watch and in game detection gets you ban. from what i see skill sf2 is gone. might be able to play it in 2019 with like 10 players hanging on. or an aibot match. but other than that game is dead.
    • Yes I will submit the video compilation when I am done. I'm taking 4 + days to compile one so you know what I say is consistent leave This tread open I will be super happy to support the claim . I will also leave a video showing how ppl bypass anti cheat both methods in hopes you guys do something to fix it. If it's not fixed soon just like the other players i will move on to another game.
    • tbh I can deal with the insta-kill cheaters. I just leave the room. What drove me crazy back when I used to play more avtive is the fact that you cant be sure who is cheating and who not as there is an incredible amount of people who use wallhack and/or silent aim.
      Im not just talking random sh*t. I played this game since 6 years, I kinda know what Im talking about. In pub the killcam sometimes makes it possible to actually see if someone is checking on you through the walls, but in a clanwar its nearly impossible. Not knowing weather all the nN hero who popped up recently outta nowhere are actually better than most pro league players back then or just using cheats.

      We played a clanwar against that clan with the name tag of a secret evil organisation from MARVEL (you know what clan im talking about). There was this point ingame where both, 2 players of my team and 3 of the enemy started using cheats and didnt care about hiding it anymore, eg. superbullet, aimbot etc. Even their leader cheated, but I think most ppl know that already and who I am talkimg about. Well, that was the point where I left my clan and quit the game.
      Feels like the whole player base know who is cheating but the support still doesnt, although they play this game too.
      After playing for 6 years now I know quite a lot of players. I've heard if countless players that got banned and after a few days unbanned. Some of them were cheating, some were not. Just recently two people of my old clan got unbanned, as they were not cheating.

      The game doesnt need new weapons or quests or stuff the newbs suggest on the forum. SKILL has to get rid of that cheater problem asap. Almost everyone I know quit because if that. Only a few quit cause they got bored.
      Switch to BattleEye or smth. Somehow it must be possible to change the anti-cheat. Tell Dragonfly to finally get their asses up and do smth. The game dies. U cant negate that anymore like Busted did all the time. Now we are at a point that its simple counting. Ingame + invisible afk in the lobby -> I dont see how thats more than 300 players when I checked the game few days ago. The playerbase decreased fast over the past month. If you dont do smth this game will die like others.
      Bad example of a shi**y game: I played some BrickForce like 8 years ago cause it was actually fun with friends. Now half a year ago I felt like checking on that game again. It has died since back then btw. Guess what? 5 people on the EU server (NA has been shut down years ago already). I dont see why they still keep the servers running. So yea, I guess thats whats gonna happen to SF2, if nothing changes. New weapons and stuff cant keep the playerbase or grow it back. Btw the recent update is super unsatisfying.
      I will still check on this game from time to time because in 6yearsI had alot of fun in that game and I hope something changes.

      Thanks for your time to whoever reads this.

      Ah. One more thing: the forum got kinda quiet and is dying too. I guess everyone can tell.

      Over and out.
    • I do agree with leaving the room when auto kill comes in but now you get bad rep for desertion rate but when the game dies about 1-2 pm my time you have like 4 rooms to switch through and auto kill goes in every room . so it's all a problem I have video to Players making fun of Gm for not caring if the games gets fixed then a post of mine got delete when i was trying to share common knowledge about it . I wanted to try an help fix the game but if gm's don't care why would I? I may as well make some hacks and give it away 100% free for a life time to help finish killing the game. Cause it's ether you want to fix the issue or you don't.
    • AzaX-SRB wrote:

      Adam,Adam,Adam :D You are funny bro.Speaking about cheaters and posting videos where you cheat.
      Second video,there is soooo many times we can see no recoil, i can point specific times if you want?
      I'm sure GF doesn't need your "help"
      First off I do have recoil watch the video I clearly tap shoot second only person getting offended about trying to prevent cheaters are cheaters there self . how ever I no longer care takes to long for support to lock cheaters and then they just go make a new ac and start over again. they attack cheating the wrong way.
    • I understand i was asked not to put videos here but i have been waiting almost a month for support to fix my acc that got hacked. I also wait this long for ppl to get ban when cheating . no longer care if they do or not at this point.