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      A good soldier is not only defined by the number of enemy troops he shot down, but from the knowledge he posseses about the battlefield as well.
      Show us your knowledge of the game and much more and prove to all your fellow soldiers that you are one of the most clever individuals in the game.

      The puzzle itself is this one:

      And the questions for it are the ones following:

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      2. Falls from the sky - it's not rain!
      3. Wrapped around your neck, keeps you warm
      4. A map in the game
      6. A certain christmas character with a colored nose...
      12. The thing you're playing here
      14. Causes a lot of arguments, for some people more important than a good story or gameplay
      17. When you don't want to use your real name you use a...
      18. Hot drink served during the christmas time
      20. One of our BoardAdmins
      21. Necessary for all kinds of games to work
      24. A small animal with lots of legs which interferes with your enjoyment of the game
      26. A good-to-have thing when playing games, player dependent
      27. Christmas is a holiday of which religion?
      28. The PvE mode
      29. Better wear those when outside in winter
      30. A special kind of christmas cookies (German origin)
      32. Made out of wax
      34. A colleague of santa, but with more fur
      38. An assault rifle
      40. Those guys are totally OP!
      44. When it all gets VERY spooky, it's...
      45. Lots of small huts, all selling their individual goods on a public place - and so much stuff to eat!
      46. Mounted on your rifle for better vision

      Display Spoiler
      1. A (positive) emotion
      2. Used for carrying stuff in winter when everything's snowy
      3. Weapon for close range
      5. Something you get for accomplishing certain goals
      7. Quite a round guy who generally likes carrots
      8. Small things baked during the christmas time
      9. Animal with feathers, often eaten at christmas
      10. Everyone is waiting for it, often brings more content
      11. Needed to get access to special weapons
      13. When you don't have to work but can enjoy time with your family
      15. A map in the game
      16. Probably everyone's favorite shot in the game
      19. For your feet, especially when it's cold
      22. A sign for your progress in the game
      23. One of our GameMasters
      24. Game mode
      25. A melee weapon
      31. Santa uses them as draft animals
      33. The evening meal
      35. Everyone loves to unpack it
      36. Our beloved Community Manager
      37. The premium currency
      39. Consists of notes and lyrics
      41. Several players grouped together for better teamplay
      42. Used for walking on ice, especially for fun
      43. A community platform

      Send the filled crossword puzzle with the solution-word(it is pretty easy) to the email: until the 13th of January 2014.

      Rewards will be decided soon(we are going to pick something cool for you guys) and will be announced here. The 10 winners of the event, will be chosen randomly. So take your time, fill up the puzzle, and send it to us.

      Kind regards
      your S.K.I.L.L. team