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    I was going to post this on a thread but it got locked so i'll make it here

    How do bans work on this site?
    hack 1 time temp ban or perm ban?
    how many chances do you get?
    Do they Hardware ID Block hackers?

    A system where they hardware ID Block people for let's say a week then remove it. If they hack again HWID for a month, then a year.
    Something like temp HWID bans+account bans would be much more effective then only account bans.
  • Well, you just need to know that we have our own system that won't be revealed.
    Everything that is related to bans etc is not a matter of users but I thank you for giving us those kind of suggestions.
    Have a nice game ^^
  • Nothing needed to be revealed F2P companys like GameForge, Aeria etc. They are allowed to install IP blockers that is used for SKILL and Soldier front 2, But for them to actually KNOW those IP's are FORBIDDEN for them to gather HWID's is FORBIDDEN.
  • Why would u need to know this anyway?
    As long as you play legit you have nothing to fear.
    Cheating is never a good thing, whatever the reason behind it may be and should be punished with an instant permanent ban if you ask me.
  • People who use client hooks usually gets discovered, But it has happend people who have been able to stay hidden (I personally know one that has) The accounts usually gets suspended but in the end its up to the publishers but as I stated above they can easily make another account and they can't prevent it.
  • I would like a hard stance on hackers. Temp IP/HWID and possibly PERM IP/HWID bans. If something is very clear from the very start of the game every potential hacker knows what will happen to him or her.

    But thanks for the answers, i suppose we will find out with time. You can close the thread now thank you.