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  • WurstOnAir -

    Hi I want to ask you about the Streaming List I'm a german streamer who is streaming mainly sf2 could i be added to the stream list?

  • MiShi -

    last night i finish armory event and no orgel box capsule ...we stay like nobs 5 days to make event,we dont eat,sleep and when finish no capsule...fix problem

  • MiShi -

    sal un prieten care nu se mai poate loga la cont....mentionez ca na avut niciodata hak dar nu ii mai da voie sa se logheze la cont??ce e de facut??e furat??te rog astept un raspuns ms anticipat

  • E-s-C -

    hi gm

  • HyPer'eX -

    Hi . I put more than 500 euro in SF2 .. In Romania nobody have GM .. What i can do for that .. We have more than 300 hackers on day ( romanians members ) Please help me

  • Godzilla -

    pls help Gfinder

  • RyuKillz -

    I I .. :

  • ZannjoxHD -

    im sorry for what i have posted in the Forum. I just was mad because first my account got hacked and then it also got banned because of the hacker. So i wrote in more detail in the support ticket so you will understand what i mean and where i need your help.

    have a great day :)

  • Chipmunk -



  • NANDEZ -

    Hi GFINDER! I cant Log in, a message say "the autorization is failed". I create yesterday an account in SKILL.COM and i log in the web page correctly, but whe i introduce this credentials in the game, i cant iniatiate. Can you check my account!?? TRhank you very much!! If u can send me an email to: i will be greatful!

    • High'Smoker -

      Hey nandez . Please open a ticket in our support system . They will help you . If you don't have a support account create one here

      Best regards

  • Shizzogenie -


  • loylakhs giannhs -

    ela mm file mm o giannhs eimai prin ligo milagame sto chat edw kala se brhka ???

  • anupah1 -

    is this availabe in PH server??? ty

  • Deman -

    First! :D