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  • 20
  • from The Netherlands
  • Member since May 7th 2014
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  • Ticcio-ITA -

    Help me !!!! Account ...

  • MSTY'W3mr0 -

    Hello i try to pm you but im not sure if i did it if yes could you answer me pls? :)

    • MSTY'W3mr0 -

      Is there any other way to communicate with you?

  • σğẕųɧąŋ☪ᵀᴿ -

    hi guys

  • FalleN -

    ohh Rapid ur clan start hacking xDD

    vid.me/LXpo he do it 4x time ^^ ''u cant see the smoke in Kill Cam,,

  • Sooooouzek -

    Hi Rapid, i saw that ure reading my post, can you help me please??

    • iiRapiiD -

      I would love to help you, unfortunately, i do not understand a single word in that post as I speak Dutch, English and some German :)

  • FalleN -

    I swear best GM xDD

  • KxXxZz -

    rapid i feel i need to run after you to get my name in the streaming list lol i just want to make this game grow up and you attack me XD my GOD.

    • iiRapiiD -

      Are you expecting me to run after you? I simply asked you to pm me, as i could not find the ticket you claimed to have send. I don't attack anyone, simply stating facts as attacking someone doesn't get me anywhere as I want to help you...