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  • KxXxZz -

    Involved accounts/characters: Kamil798 from the clan Aphelium

    Hack description:Account name Kamil798 with Aphelium Hack HARD Teleporting + WALL HACK (They shot us from wall) and AimBots

    Additional information (if necessary):they call ring name Kamil798 and is not a ringer his some one from them clan he just hack so they use him without his "Aphelium" Clan name..

    in the game they started to say sorry sorry but all of them use hacks we try hard to get points we did drew and then they started to hack hard as possible ..!!!

    i record that game you must look what happend there !
    you will be on shocked how possible it be !

    Please attach a screenshot or a link to a video if possible:

    • Spike -

      Please contact the support. Thank you.