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  • IAmLegend -

    SKILL died in 1 moth + much -..............

  • IAmLegend -

    you noobbbbbbbbbb , why not same security in forums = game?
    close post you not interesant
    funny say hi youtube man

    • AlterEgo"Red" -

      I started playing Ironsight, it's much better anyway. Less hackers and much more fun! No P2W and you can buy Camos for free :D

    • IAmLegend -

      i started Creative Destruction , is funny game and steam best support xD

  • MrPorter -


    • Albus -


  • RedScorpion -

    you would put it on capsule

  • RedScorpion -

    I know famas sfwc I like it and I did not have the chance to get it

  • Sn1perOne -

    hey eine frage was kommt denn neues?

  • EseN -

    Sayın GM Albus 12.09.2017 22.40 EseN SKIIL Oyuncular şikayeti üzerine ban atıldı Kanıtı nedir Ne için ban atıldı .

  • Sensei -

    Hi Albus player xpro'LV-SilenT level 51 Captain 1 Clan Legit'Vampz use codecheat