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  • xCr4y -

    Hi hello me and my Friends From NA made a discord sever about NA reviving SF2 NA are server are really dead and there not enough promotions into this game for NA players we been stuck on 1 server all this time wen u release the game. we are tired and really mad how we want to play this game but everyone gets on then get off looking at the game of shame :/ so help NA we dont care about ESL well some people do but we just need players

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  • Beast -

    I am your first follower :D

    • Salix -

      Heyho :)

    • Beast -

      Are you from Germany?

    • Salix -


    • Beast -

      Super. Freut mich :)

    • eckana -

      hello wann kommt da mal endlich ein hackschutz wird doch immer schlimmer das spiel