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  • Hey guys as you know this Watersmoke guy, previously known as Il0lI , got ignored on tickets. He kept reporting and he felt nothing was done about it and a few months later his account got banned. That triggered him to start making cheats, ( well basically rip the cheat from MRCheats and codes his bs arround it). He has acces to GM consoles and can kick/insta kill/ spectate and a lot more and u guys are aware of this. I talked to him in the game, he doesn't give a single Big F about your company, he is laughing in your faces and makes money from it. While you guys are losing a playerbase and more thanks to this little Solo Hero. ( Excuse my language) But for real, the community wants answers, how about start a fkn lawsuit against a P.o.S. like this? Yeah let's not discuss bans on forums etc, I know - > But I believe the community has passed this section and Gameforge has no right to hold up to that rule anymore if they can't handle the simpelest cheater creators of them all. I know a new anti cheat won't work so please do not bother to change this. What does work against this little kids is destroy there websites and file lawsuits against them AND GET MORE ACTIVE GM's With *Tools/ what ever is used* in game so that these guys can get banned instantly. If a hacker can enter the console and is now as he mentioned, planning to crack the gm ban console command, players are fkd and I believe he is "this" close of achieving it. C mon and bring out a real statement,
    Sincerely, Chipmunk and Community of Gameforge's SKILL SF2.

  • I totally agree with you bro,the insta kills cheat is making players left the game forever all because the Gameforge does nothing about to rid of this kind of cheat no matter how much cash they do discount,just like yesterday they have 100%cash promo but I don't even bother buying a penny,why?simple fact!Hacks insta kills ruin the game I used to spend $500 to $800 a moth on this game but now I don't even spend a penny.Its sad but it's the truth!Gameforge get rid of this insta kills hacks and we will spend money again. :minigun::missilelauncher:

  • True, and thats the reason why i left SKILL. Every second match/CW there was a cheater. I will come back to skill when they will start doing something about cheaters and their funny updates for the game

  • Something has to change. Fast.
    Otherwise I see no future for this game.

    Watersmoke isnt that typical ragehacking kid. Hes more of a troll, glitches himself and others out of the map with anti-gravity grenades from Hero mode and so on. He really is a danger. If nothing happens, this guy might single-handedly ban the whole playerbase.

    Depressed, stressed, but f#ck it, I'm blessed.

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  • Exactly Wadiya, not only him...

    The fact is once the clock turns at 18:00 A whole cheating infestation begins, they are with like 3-4 cheaters in 1 lobby.
    The fun part here is that barely any GM can actually do anything and the ones that can are inactive af.

    Just come with an answer MrsEarp/ NimrooK, as u are the community manager I ask u to come with a solution or else let us help make a solution.

    I seriously give this game between 6 Months to 1 Year max, if nothing is done against these MrCheats / Watersmoke guys.

    Or else just close the game down... I'm seriously not being offensive towards you guys, but enough is enough.

    You have Lazy inactive staff, Staff that can't do anything besides getting laughed at.

    What company does this to his game?

    You let ESL die, because cheating was to easy to do so, well what do you expect without maintaining esl bans/ player bans.

    How about actually help your staff being able to ban and do not hire 16 year old kids that spread information everywhere.

    Cause I can tell you already that watersmoke or any other coder/hacker got the codes from a german GM/GA.
    I can tell you names of the ones i suspect, but trust me they made a lot of money.

    But no, we can't re-add Chipmunk to the team because of rumours... false lies and fake accusations,
    While basically I can solve a lot of these cheater issue's for you with 1 button, if i had the right tools I wouldn't mind hunting them down till they grow tired of making new accounts.

    it can't be that hard to become transparent to the community and actually be honest for once that there is no controll.

    You can't ease a player base with "Send in a ticket and we will look at it, while half of your team isn't even active".
    You can't say : Please bring screenshots and video's as we need evidence, nah you guys know which people do this, but nothing is done against it).

    I even know exactly who it is and where it is and you guys could even find out where they live since they basically connect their ip to your server and Watersmoke told me he doesn't even use an IPMask cause he thinks he is a god.


    Change the game and stop taking me for a fool, i have this info from my own researches... Atleast I can connect the dots.

    Kind regards,


  • Nothing will change, the European sf2 server is going to close as Japanese and Indonesian.…jAnT88nv51giWnKwgK7ZyM#1y

    Gameforge doesn't care about this game, what you can see after updates that they serve which don't bring anything except new events instead of blocking popular cheats like memoryhack and virtualevolution.

    Administration is useless also, they ignore tickets and don't ban cheaters reported by me, with 29999 ammo, obvious aimbot/silent aim/name stealer etc. They create tutorials on how to report a cheater (what everyone knew it already a long time ago) but they don't use it if they have a notification about it. Sometimes I have to wait a month until they answer me in the ticket.

    But no wonder if bots with 0.8 kd and 0 knowgledge about the game become ga's and gm's, who can't even see the difference between a good player and a cheaters. They only ban clean players for playing well

    ADMIN LOSE ADMIN BAN... Welcome in S.K.I.L.L Special Force 2
    ADMIN LOSE ADMIN BAN... unfair BAN Welcome in S.K.I.L.L Special Force 2
    SF2 - Blocked from GM during game?!
    GM French SEFIRIA threatens to ban my game account hackz0r
    Skill Special Force 2 | *im banned* (Update: Unbanned since 28.06.2017)

    At the end I will add the lack of freedom of speech, They remove every post that criticizes the game and the administration. Rik (italian support) and Lereth (polish support) do what they want, they are notoriously abusing their rights. No one with higher rank controls it?


  • Hello,

    The best way to help on this matter is reporting everything on the support system where the game team and other deparments can take care of the reports, here it only enhances discussion and rules being broken.


  • Albus, I understand,

    But this has nothing to do with a solo cheater incident.

    It's about a whole infestation of players ruining lobbies for 10 hours straight from 18:00 till - 04:30 untill the game is completely empty.

    How can you report an issue that is known already?

    All we want to do is help out and this is not a cheating discussion or ban discussion. No rules are broken here according to ToS. As it's an incident according to the game and it's servers and playerbase where cheating plays a role. We all know reporting this to the support doesn't go so easy as here we could provide more proper information about this situation and every ticket I send doesn't come trough

  • like I can help troughout support,
    But I need to be able to create tickets somehow they won't send or appear in my history.

    Else I would have done it trough support.

    Thats why I try to keep the message less about hackusating here and more info based about the wholesome situation right now. For me its not only the cheating part, but more or less the fact the community has had enough and I am fair to say I stand very close to them and read and still help daily. If I was able to do more I would :/

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  • Imma use this thread to say some things that bother me rn and some advise I want to and can give, since Im part of the game for over 5 years now.

    Signs to me, that the game is slowly dying, that I know from other games I played and that got taken down:

    1. Decreasing player numbers over the last years. More and more every month.

    2. Cancelling Versus/ decreasing Cups and collabs with the ESL;
    Com cups have less than 5 teams playing atm

    3. The lack of content updates recently. More and more boring, senseless events, but no actual updates.

    4. No or rare bug fixes. Kinda feels like Dragonfly stopped the development of SF2 Europe (they left several emails by me, regarding the future of sf2, unanswered.)

    5. The all known cheater problem and no hope is in sight.

    6. Recent discounts (-50%) and sales (+100% cash)

    7. Banning/dismissing of GAs/GMs due to abuse and other things. Generally the existance of some black sheep in the SF2 team. (Talked about that with a former GA. Not sure, if I should mention his name. Imma keep him anonymous.)

    8. More and more negative feedback and annoyed players.

    9. Growing concurrence by other upcomming and similar F2P FPS.
    --> decreasing uploads and attention on YouTube; many active YouTubers switched to other games or stopped at all

    10. Lack of creativity by the team. No attractive events and not even the re-adding of old content (christmas, winter, halloween etc.) on certain dates.

    Things that need to change:
    (1. beeing most imoortant, descending order)

    1. Solve the current cheater problem and update/improve the hackshield to provide better protection

    2. Reintroduce versus, go4; strengthen the partnership with the ESL again to get better rewards for Autumn/Summer/Winter League and cups etc. (prices are whack rn)

    3. Upgrade the support system; hire more supporters/ GMs whatever (Im sure there are plenty of people that dont have the time for a GM/GA job, but would love to help the support in other ways [including me])

    4. Make content/game updates spicy again and more often. Its been like almost 5 month since the last content update (31.07.18).
    I dont count adding lame events and 1day rewards of items, we didnt have before as "content update" (e.g. 1day "bandit mask)

    5. everything else (ads, series, etc.)

    To be honest I am not sure, if Dragonfly or Gameforge is the problem. Maybe both.

    Dragonfly seems to only care about their korean version. They dont support GF with content and game updates. Also they dont seem to answer any emails regatding the EU version of sf2.

    On the other hand Gameforge really is intransparent regarding the actions behind the scenes. They seem to be overloaded with the current situation (missing content and stuff I mentioned above).

    Im slowly losing hope on this game and at the moment I see no bright future for SF2 Europe.

    Its just not fun to play the game.
    I've always been someone who says a player is legit, until the opposite is 100% proven.
    Right now its just no fun playing clanwars and getting rekt by low rank noNames 24/7 that I havent seen in 5 years with ESL IDs created in 2017/18.
    You just cant be sure who is cheating and who is not. Even my longtime buddys suspect me of cheating from time to time, cause it seems like every 2nd player is cheating nowadays and the anti-cheat is just useless af.

    What Im trying to say: Currently you can trust no one, thanks to the $hitty anticheat and $hitty community that is toxic af and starts to cheat in masses.

    I dont want this game to die.
    Save it.

    Depressed, stressed, but f#ck it, I'm blessed.

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  • Exactly, i agree with you Wadiya,

    And Albus to be honest, going with this to support doesn't work as the issue is way larger than that. The fact if it was something new and should be looked in to, yeah support is the answer.

    But when the support has no answers left for an excisting problem, the community is going to forums ( it's not breaking rules) It's trying to wake you up.

    Only point I do not agree with is changing the anti-cheat, cheaters are always prepared for this and it doesn't matter since they got codes stolen from the company, just 1 bypass and we are back to where we started.

    The fact is you need active teams that can hunt these guys down on the spot

    Also please make it so that new players and ranks under 2nd lut can not join free rooms.
    ^will help a lot already against the biggest issue at this moment, low ranks.

    As I said the time of discussing and hiding is over, now it's time to let us help and come up together with idea's and save this game before it's too late.

    Imagine this: Our help doesn't cost the company a single coin, but once we find a solution together this company can make this game rain money again.

    - Chipmunk

  • It's already dead. What you mean with slowly ? Slowly was back in the early 2018. It's dead.
    And albus it doesn't make it better if you always edit my comments. Just true facts.