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  • Hi All,

    Im new to the game but fell in love with the game. Simple and Competitive.
    As I am a Multimedia student i would like to embark on a personal project of making on of the most badass edits for SF2.
    However, as far as I know this game has no feature for spectator or to review demos nor is there a list of commands that can help.

    Please if you can help providing:
    -List of in-game commands
    -Cinematic Map footage

    -How to record&play demos

    Kindly let me know.

  • Hi!

    If you want to record gameplays or whatever i recommend you shadowplay, it's one of the best programs to record the screen without lags.

    If you want to make cinematics, here is one possibility shown. By taking a grenade in your hand and put a macro on your Q key you can hide your weapon etc. and record without anything. Of course you have to dectivate minimap etc., I think the command is /hud. I'm not sure,

    Another possibility, which i used in my cinematics was to make the game 16:9 and took tomahawk. If you press and hold right button (mouse) and shift, you can slowly walk without that the tomahawk can be seen.

    Sorry for my bad english and i hope i was able to help you. And i hope i understood your problems right.