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  • I have two accounts on skill and both give me the same problem; When I put the password writes me login failed: no drive... how should I fix it?

    I wrote on the Italian forum but it is deserted

  • OK, between 72 hours I will tell you that the support is absent and does not respond:grumble:


    first answer: for solve you problem we need this information;email account

    second answer:Hi, there are no problems in your account, it is likely to be a problem of the client
    nice answer...but it's not a solution!!!

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  • Hey Ince, look at an older post of mine, maybe u have my bug also....Let us knkow the error, maybe we can help you...

    I ve played with you several times....if the same Ince....Give details in here


    New hacks took control of clans and boss + players are being kicked ...then change name and emblem...voila !!

    Tk after tk ....Its been now 3 months !

    The clan recruits and play cw...how lol is that ? I ve played yesterday with one of the players from TURK-ISLAM, thats the new name of an old and respectable clan RestInPeace....RIP....like the boss already knew what will happen !!!!!

    On the first page of the game, they put a big " buy more cash for less dollars"

    Why not: we finnaly take proper actions and the game its now almost clean !

    The game its not dead , only support !!! :stick::stick::stick::stick: