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  • 15934439 help me please... ban for kd farming??? I never play pub only cw
    • Can you help me??
  • Give me information on gm purchases
  • I'm accused of a problem I do not do alone
  • Ticket ID 15934439
    PLS FAST because i will be very nervous
  • ticcet namber::::

    15922003 help meee
  • 2 months often freezes, lags, but ceased, 2 days picture swimming, lags. lags. lags. impossible play. what that game?
    I do not know much English.
    • We are trying to find the cause of this issue.
    • Thank you
  • MrPorter he'll be back again sometimes to the store state flag? What I recorded is on them in the Czech community of quite high demand :)
  • how it's going with Update?! It's Now 6 hour's from begin ; 3
  • MrPorter mi puoi aiutare per favore al problema che ti ho scritto nella conversazione? O se no dimmi tu come ti posso contattare e parlare in privato
  • MrPorter The Na Servers are doing the sameting from last time can u please fix that and also we still get a little Fps drop or Lag spikes but other than that the game is great :D keep updating the game we puting great money to this D:
    • Our Tech Team is already working on the issue, it will be fixed asap.
  • My app it's good?
  • Hi . I put more than 500 euro in SF2 .. In Romania nobody have GM .. What i can do for that .. We have more than 300 hackers on day ( romanians members ) Please help me
    • Hello there will be news soon about this topic
    • HYPER'EX: for us it's also overpopulated cheaters, always more and more...
  • hy,how can i become admin..because in Romania bebe strumf she's not make job goods??ty
  • Hey Porter, I was looking in to having an event this weekend whereas I could gift winners in-game capsules of their choice. Is there any way GameForge would supply me with enough cash to dole out capsules? Thanks
    • Sadly that is not possible
    • How does one hold events? Does GF supply redeem codes or what?
  • Buonasera, stavo giocanndo in Tdm e mi compare un messaggio da un GM.. nn mi ricordo il nome.. che mi saluta.. poi mi trovo disconesso col mesaggio " il cliente verra chiuso per manutenzione " Cerco di contettermi di nuovo e mi dice " pasword falitta"... !!! Sono un giocatore vip poi nn capisco per quale ragionamento mi ha fatto questo...!! Aspetto le sue spiegazioni, grazie!
  • Buonasera CM, vi ho scritto in privato, riguardo alcune mie domande. Se potete cortesemente rispondermi. Buona Serata
  • carissmo CM la posso contattare in privato in qualche modo per parlare da persona UMANA a persona umana?